What is the ADCS?

ADCS stands for the ‘The Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty’. We are a non-profit corporation registered with Corporations Canada.

The PURPOSE of ADCS is to defend Canada’s sovereignty and its people from the attempt of other countries to impose their legislation on Canada. 

Who will we defend?

Innocent people like this frightened Canadian:

“Yesterday I thought I was a Canadian citizen, today I am called a ‘U.S. Person’. 

The banks want to pass on my personal financial information and even my husband’s to the IRS – to force us to file IRS forms, pay tax and penalties, and transfer our Canadian-made retirement savings to a foreign country, just because of my place of birth.

I am furious because my own Government of Canada is actually HELPING the IRS do this, and now tells me that this is somehow a “good deal for Canadians”. How is this a good deal? Isn’t there some law against this? I am a CANADIAN! Can someone please help me?”

How we are helping – Our lawsuit:

ADCS has hired one of Canada’s top constitutional litigators, Vancouver-based Joseph Arvay and his team, to take the Government of Canada to court to stop this injustice. 

Our lawsuit was filed on August 11, 2014 in Canadian Federal Court. We ask the Federal Court of Canada to kill the FATCA agreement between Canada and the United States that aims to round up innocent Canadians, turn them over to a foreign government, and force them to transfer their retirement savings to the IRS. 

See the Claims submitted by the Plaintiffs. These are preliminary claims only, which will be revised and amended. The Claims describe some of the laws violated by the FATCA agreement.

How you can help:
The lawsuit costs a lot of money – likely three different courts will be involved – and the Government of Canada has unlimited funds to fight us every inch of the way using your tax dollars. We need continuous donations to pay the ongoing legal costs and will provide you with weekly updates on this website with the amounts needed. 

Please spread the word and donate today, and please – keep donating. An accounting of all monies received and expended will be provided to Corporations Canada and posted on this website.

Message Boards:

Our lawsuit is discussed daily on two message boards: 
www.isaacbrocksociety.ca and www.maplesandbox.ca. The ADCS Canadian lawsuit will always be the top post at these websites.