The threat by the U.S. of economic sanction against Canada has convinced the Government of Canada to give in to to its “neighbor” and turn Canadians over to the IRS.

Here are some effects of FATCA on Canadians






a data grab that will result in the confiscation of the ‘after tax’ 
• savings of Canadians;
 an intrusion into the private lives and affairs of Canadians
requiring them to disclose more information to the U.S. government
than they are required to disclose to the Canadian government;
 a statement by certain U.S. officials that this information, once
acquired, will be shared with any U.S. government agency for any
purpose at any time;
 a transfer of control of Canada’s banks to the U.S.;
• a sad loss of Canadian sovereignty

What is most ‘shocking’ is that the Government of Canada has signed an agreement with the U.S. to assist the U.S. in this ‘FATCA Endeavour’.

The Government of Canada may have the right to govern Canada, but it doesn't have the right to surrender it to a foreign nation.

Our FATCA legal challenge is against the Government of Canada to stop its participation with the U.S. government.

Help us defend Canada’s resident Citizens and Canada’s sovereignty against the Made-in-the-U.S. FATCA and the Government of Canada’s FATCA collaboration. Help defend against the ‘FATCA led assault’ on the personal data and hard-earned savings of families and individuals living in Canada.

IT’S UP TO YOU to ensure that the hard-earned savings and security of Canadians - the ‘capital of our nation’ - are NEITHER for sale NOR for ransom to any foreign nation.

Our cause is just.



DECEMBER 2020 UPDATE: We need to raise from our supporters a second installment of C$53,448  to pay the cost of Gwen and Kazia's appeal of the Canadian Federal Court FATCA decision.
Please help.”





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