FATCA Impacts All Nations and Their Citizens - The world says...

“You could call FATCA the new WMD, or Weapon of Money Destruction”. 
~ Marvin Van Horn ‏(@FATCA_Fallout), New Zealand

“A military veteran should never be put in a situation where they have to renounce citizenship simply to lead a normal life! Never!  Thanks to FATCA, most banks refused to provide me with financial services due to my national origin, causing me to renounce US citizenship in order to refinance my mortgage even though I'm just a normal, average middle class US military veteran with a wife and a family who found work in another country during the dot.com crisis. This is so very wrong.  It is a human rights violation.

The Canadian challenge is necessary to protect small people like me from being wrongly harmed by misguided governments.”

~ U.S. Military Veteran, Switzerland

“As a dual US citizen, born in the USA but living outside the US For now 20 years, I was very proud of my US citizenship but today US citizenship is TOXIC if living overseas and I am now seriously considering renouncing. Never in my life would I have thought things would get so intolerable, and never in my life would I have thought that I would see the US government, because of FATCA and CBT, as the biggest threat I face living overseas for myself, my family and my business. FATCA and CBT is fundamentally unfair, and FATCA must be challenged for what it is positive discrimination against me based purely on national origin/place of birth.

The Canadian Challenge is critical to bring these issues to the forefront in court and STOP FATCA in a key country.” 

~ Small Business Owner, Southeast Asia

“FATCA is being implemented in New Zealand in a similar fashion to Canada. The New Zealand Privacy Act and the New Zealand Bill of Rights (very similar to the Canadian Charter) are being overridden by legislation that has been buried in an omnibus tax bill as far from public scrutiny as possible. The New Zealand Revenue Minister, Todd McClay, has insulted those New Zealanders who face having their privacy breached by referring to them as ‘US taxpayers habitually resident in New Zealand’.

New Zealanders that are being betrayed by their Government over FATCA stand together with Canadians in their legal challenge against the Canadian Government’s acquiescence to US demands. A successful challenge in Canada would set an example to other nations that privacy and human rights should take precedence over extra-territorial laws.”

~ Osgood, New Zealand

“FATCA sets up banks to be spies for the IRS in Taiwan and around the world…The United States doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a government, so why should Taiwan comply?!?  I’m not Canadian, but someone has to stand up to the U.S. government.”
~ No FATCA, Taiwan

“FATCA list of all US persons and their assets will be available in Kuwait. Bet the terrorists can't wait.”
KIB all set to enforce FATCA

“The wrongheaded attempt to impose FATCA on Canadian citizens and Canadian consumers is a distinctly unfriendly attack on America's best friend and neighbour. Since Canada's government and banks have seen fit to surrender their own country's sovereignty by enacting a legally deficient ‘intergovernmental agreement’, it’s now up to patriotic Canadians to defend themselves by challenging this sellout -- which if successful could be a mortal blow to FATCA’s global viability.”
~ James George Jatras, Lawyer and Former American Diplomat,
  Washington, D.C.

FATCA forces US expats surrender their passports” 
Nigel Green ‏(@nigeljgreen) CEO, DeVere Group, United Arab Emirates

FATCA “has turned the lives of hard-working Americans living abroad into nightmares.”
~ Asa Cohen, National President,
  Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel

“So, DeutscheBank BE has informed me that they will no longer do business with Americans, b/c of FATCA. I have one month to close my account.”
~ Dave Keating ‏(@DaveKeating) Reporter, Belgium

“Ruth Freeborn, a former American citizen in Canada told me why she renounced her citizenship due to FATCA. Her modern-day ‘Sophie's Choice’ story of being forced to choose between her American passport and her family's livelihood and privacy touched a raw nerve with me. I can't imagine America, which gave me freedom as an immigrant from China, would give her such a horrible choice under the Obama administration. I wholeheartedly support the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty in your valiant efforts to take the Government of Canada to court over the legislation that will enable the FATCA IGA between the United States and Canada. The FATCA IGA is a violation of the treaty power under the U.S. Constitution. Your fight, together with our own constitutional challenges here in the U.S. led by Supreme
Court litigator James Bopp, Jr. will bring down the FATCA beast.
Good luck!”

Solomon Yue, Vice Chairman and CEO, Republicans Overseas, Inc.

“What's good for Canada is good for us chickens!”
PATRIOT/Persecuted American Taxpayer Resident In Overseas
   Territory/cornoffthecob, Europe

“From a ‘tax compliant’ old lady who now lives in fear of the US that she still loves, and who is horrified by its quest to lasso all ‘US persons’ into its system even when their lives are lived entirely outside the US. …FATCA feels more like a mass xenophobia, presumably occasioned by the tragedies of 9/11 and the hardships of the recession.

If your efforts can persuade Canada to stand up for true ‘liberty and justice for all’, it may hopefully encourage the US to return to doing the same.  Lead on!” 

~ Sad in the U.K.