What is ADCS Trying to Achieve?

What is the cost of the Canadian lawsuit? 

Litigation is very expensive and our opposition, the Government of Canada, has unlimited resources to fight us.

To appeal the Mactavish Federal Court decision ADCS has already raised $51,552.  We estimate that we will need an additional $53,448 to pay the legal expenses for the appeal.


A small portion of the donations will have to be set aside for other expenses including accounting and auditing fees as required by Corporations Canada. Later there will be new costs, not yet estimated, for the expected appeal, no matter who wins, at the Supreme Court.


We may never receive any large corporate donation and this giving is really going to hurt.


An accounting of all monies received and expended will be provided to Corporations Canada and posted publicly on this website.

The Government of Canada has signed a ‘FATCA IGA’ (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Intergovernmental Agreement) with the United States to help that foreign country acquire assets of those Canadians it alone deems to be ‘U.S. persons’.  

FATCA is the enforcement tool for the imposition of that peculiar and punitive U.S. style ‘place of birth’ taxation on the world.  

We believe that the Canadian legislation that implements the FATCA IGA violates the Canadian Constitution, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the principles of Canadian sovereignty and democracy, and the fundamental rights of all Canadians. 

We are now taking legal action in the form of a lawsuit against the Government of  Canada to stop our elected government from imposing the U.S. FATCA law on Canada and Canadians.