Finance Committee Hearings on FATCA

Macleans Magazine April 26, 1982 - Features the Charter of Rights: This Trip Down Memory Lane provides a fascinating account of what Canadians thought of the Charter at it’s inception

Articles from the April 26, 1982 Macleans:

Not included but read:

The complete text of the Charter >

Fascinating description of the most important document in Canada's history:
Rebirth of a nation by 
Robert Lewis>

Some things never change - instead of writing about the Charter we have:
Tax dodging the national pastime
by Linda McQuaig >

Should property rights have been protected in the Charter?
Danger in the chains of freedom
by Barbara Amiel > 

But, who cares about the Charter, anyway? It's about the Falklands stupid!
A case of bravado vs. diplomacy
by Val Ross >

What follows are real excerpts from testimony given to your Members of Parliament, by real witnesses, to the House Finance Committee on May 13 and 14, 2014 and statements by Committee MPs and the vote on amendments on May 29, 2014.

In effect, the Government of Canada has, with the full support of Canada’s banks, agreed that the United States will run the show in Canada.

“Congress has spoken” for Canada’s Parliament. 
Click here for the ADCS Press Release of June 13, 2014 and here for  the ADCS Press Release of June 27, 2014.

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